Saturday, July 31, 2010

Fuck This

Dates: July 25, 2010
Location: Warwick
Air temp: 80s
Water temp: ?
Hatches: ?

Fish landed: fuck this

Present members of the Fly Anglers Guild :|: Upper Midwest Chapter, for this outing were:
Still way to hot, but I decided to get a trout tune up before Montana.  I got off to a late start, and didn't roll out till about 8am.  I decided to first head to Lunds to stock up on some flies.  After getting there and finding it didn't open for another hour and a half, I was stuck in a pickle.  The Curd would be packed by this time.  The Canyon would be swarming with kayaks.  Warwick Falls?  Forget about it.

So, I went to my go-to runs on the Warwick, above the park.  Nothing.  High temps = no feedy.  The slow water was absolutely futile.  I did have a few on in some faster water, but lost them all.  I tried a few other spots downstream, same shit.  Nonetheless, the trip did get me prepared to not catch shit as usual out west.

Bring it.

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Mark said...

What? No updates on the Average Angler blog regarding Wisconsin Opener?